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Don’t just take it from us, let our families share their experiences!

  • Our case had no clear path, nor any history to guide us, yet we prevailed with our goal. With Greg and Anne providing the guidance along the way, we kept to our strategy and never strayed from the task at hand.
    Understanding the inner workings of the school district was a big asset, providing us the necessary tools to understand what was happening, and plan out next move. Having the experience to handle issues as they arose was also key to navigating these murky waters.
    In the end, you made a difference. Not only with Jackson, but perhaps the 100’s of special needs students who could then receive services as a result.
    With the holiday quickly approaching, we have much to be thankful for.
    Steve, Allison, & Jackson
  • Hi Greg-
    I truly appreciate everything you and Anne have done for us.  [My child] and I couldn’t be happier at her new school and absolutely love working with her compensatory education teacher. Please keep me updated on any future trainings you put on;  my coworker and I attended the last one and found it very informative, and useful in our Early Intervention work.  Thanks again!




  • I want to thank Greg Ivie and Anne Rhu for helping our family with difficult CCSD issues that resulted in a resolution agreement so that my son was able to go to a new school, and his speech and occupational therapy were renewed. I was very frustrated and discouraged with the school district and would not have been able to get my son’s needs met if it had not been for Ivie Law Group. Greg and Anne were always professional and persevered to get the best possible result for my son. Anne was very thorough in researching and reviewing data to ensure that we could present a good case to CCSD.  We were able to get a very good resolution for my son. Anne has a heart of gold; she is a mom and a professional compliance expert who knows her stuff. Greg is an expert in disability law and will work very hard for you so that things are done right. We couldn’t have done any of this without Ivie Law Group.
    Jane L.


  • I don’t know where to begin…Ivie Law group, they have been helpful, supportive,and compassionate. They have gone above and beyond anything expected from lawyers my daughter was getting no services none…and after at least four IEP meetings talking to management and countless school officials…I found Anne and Greg…and not only did Anne attend IEP meetings with me she listened to me, gave me rides without question or compensation. Greg took a two year fight with the school district and resolved it in a matter of months! I couldn’t be happier with what him and Anne has done for my daughter! I thank God I found them, they are compassionate, understanding, and knowledgeable they believe in what they do and they do it well!


  • thank you


    The district telling us that our child cannot succeed in a Gen Ed setting because she needs accommodations, without even trying it, is definitely unacceptable to us. Voicing out our concerns for our daughter to the deaf ears in the district is what lead us to sought out the help of an advocate, who introduced us to Greg Ivie and Anne Rhu. Greg and Anne did a great job in representing and fighting for our daughter’s rights. They have an extensive knowledge and background in Special Education Law. They truly care for their client’s well-being and made sure that everything that our daughter needs for her to be successful is in place. We are very pleased and satisfied with the outcome of our case against the school district. Our daughter will now be attending an inclusive school, along with the resources that she will need to adjust. They even went out of their way to seek for Transportation reimbursement just because they believe it is the law and that our daughter deserves it. Thanks to Greg and Anne, our daughter will now be able to reach her full potential, by being able to interact and learn with typical peers during her time at school. We don’t think we’ll be able to achieve this without the help and guidance of Greg and Anne. Thank you so much!
    Leo & Melissa Tanyag


  • goals-web-ready-1024x684My case was unique and Greg Ivie of the Ivie Law Group gave me much needed peace of mind. He showed compassion and commitment to the rights of his client who was my child. I was impressed with his integrity and his dedication. He is passionate about what he does and has the willingness to spend the time to get it right. My family and I want to thank Greg Ivie and the Ivie Law Group. You were committed to making a positive difference. I am eternally grateful for the constant concern for our families best interest.
    Wendy Novick