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Don’t just take it from us, let our families share their experiences!

  • teamwork-1024x683Our son was on a path to be shuffled from one segregated special education program to another, with minimal interactions with typical children at school. Who would he learn positive behavior from? Would he be taught any academics? How would he ever function independently in the world if he was isolated from typical peers? How would he learn to survive in society? He had academic strengths that the school was totally unaware of because of the restrictive program he had been placed in. We thought our son deserved better. We knew he deserved a chance to reach his full social and academic potential in a least restrictive setting. He just needed a few supports for his differences. The school district did not agree, and did not want to provide the accommodations our son needed, so we turned to Greg Ivie. Greg’s expertise in special education law and experience in working with the Clark County School District were invaluable in helping us obtain the educational setting our son needed to thrive. Now, instead of being on a path to living in an institutional setting, our son is on a path to be an independent adult. We are so thankful to Greg Ivie for helping him get to a point he would never be able to reach if he had been left in a segregated environment. Our family is grateful to Greg Ivie for his help in getting the school district to follow IDEA with our son. We now feel so fortunate to have an amazing team of people at our son’s school working with him to help him reach his full potential, but we know it never would have happened without Greg’s invaluable help.
    Gail Pubols and Gordon Gilbert
  • Our son was leaving the KIDS program at his school and even though he was doing well his school wanted to place him in a self-contained classroom. We knew nothing about due process but we knew we could not let them do this to our son. We heard of Mr. Ivie through Nevada Legal Aid and contacted him. He agreed to help us and worked with us to afford his services. If he was more concerned with fees than he was our child we don’t know what would have happened to our son. He represented us and got our son into the general education setting with resource room where he is doing very well. Greg delivered on his promises and we are so grateful to him for his compassion and personal ethics. He is a great choice if you need to protect the rights of your child.
    Jason and Del Rae Augustine
  • Thorough, diligent, friendly and very knowledgeable. An all around advocate for children with special needs. Caring, understanding and always willing to answer whatever questions you may have, to make sure that as a parent or guardian you understand the processes. The Ivie Law Group offers exceptional services and advocacy for children with special needs.
    Gail Benton