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CCSD Massive Deficit – Special Education Funding

CCSD Massive Deficit – Special Education Funding
November 30, 2017 Greg Ivie
CCSD recently revealed a massive budget shortfall. Central administrative office hasn’t revealed a grand total yet, but the most recent estimate was in the ballpark of $60 million. The Board of Trustees during its August meeting approved a $45 million budget cut to help address the deficit.
CCSD blames the deficit on an approximately $20 million loss in arbitration against the principals and administrators union and less than projected revenue coming from the state. However, the State Superintendent says that blame is unjustified. He believes the district counted on money it was never promised.
At this time we aren’t totally clear as to what special education services will be impacted, but it appears that related services will be significantly
If your child has an IEP that delineates specific services, legally those services must be provided to your child, regardless of a budget shortfall. If the CCSD refuses to provide services outlined in your child’s IEP, you may challenge that decision through due process. If you believe that your child needs specific services and the CCSD refuses to include them in the IEP due to budget problems, you have the right to challenge that decision through due process.